Native Bees

Bumble Bee, Native Bees

Nature's Pollination Machines

Native bees are the most efficient and effective pollinators on earth. 

Fostering environments for native bees in your garden can greatly increase production and provide homes for bees suffering from habitat loss. 

There are many easy ways to support these beneficial pollinators in your garden and Spriggly's Beescaping can help!


Bumble Bee, Native Bees of North America

There are 24 different species of bumblebees in the U.S.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees, Native Bees of North America

Although these bees can be a nuisance to your house, they are essential to the environment. 

Mason Bees

Mason Bee, Natives Bee of North America and Canada

Just like a mason, when these bees build inside their solitary homes, they use dirt, mud, and small rocks. 

Orchard Mason Bee


250 female orchard mason bees can pollinate one acre of apple orchards. The same area would require around 20,000 honeybees. 

Leafcutter Bee


Named for its ability to cut pieces of leaves, this bee uses leaves as wallpaper and building material for its home. 

Sweat Bee

Sweat Bee, Native Bees of North America

The sweat bee gets its name because the bee is often known to land on humans to drink the salt from their sweat! 

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