Plant-by-Number Garden Guides

Our guides are crafted for your region, your space, and your desired size. 

Every Spriggly's "Plant-by-Number Garden Guide" comes with detailed planting and care instructions. In addition, we provide a projected bloom schedule along with information explaining the importance of each plant for pollinators. Pollinator gardens help to attract all sorts of beneficial insects that will help your garden thrive. Remember, for every pest there is a predator better than a pesticide. 

How does it work? 

Through a series of pictures and measurements that you provide, Spriggly's will create a unique guide to follow in your own garden. Simply match the numbers on your garden guide with the list of plants provided. Our guides come with varying sizes of paper circles that closely mimic the planting radius for each plant in your guide. 

How is the guide sent once complete?

Each guide can be sent digitally and/or via mail. 

What if I don't have any yard space? 

Not a problem. Any small outdoor space will do! Spriggly's can create a guide utilizing containers and other "yard-free" solutions. 

Are they expensive to install? 

Since most detailed landscape designs similar to our Plant-by-Number Guides can generally cost anywhere from $500-$5000, Spriggly's was determined to offer an affordable solution. Spriggly's Plant-by-Number Garden Guides start at just $40 for a small to mid-size custom guide along with the list of hand-selected plants to purchase for your region.

Plant costs vary by vendor and are dependent on whether you decide to purchase seeds, seedlings, or more mature plants. The overall cost also varies by the size of your garden guide. For a small to mid-size garden guide, this could be anywhere from $20 for all of your seeds to upwards of $200 for more mature plants.

Where can I purchase seeds and plants? 

Until Spriggly's has the ability to sell seed packages and/or seedlings online, we can help you source the best plants locally in your region or from vendors online for a small additional fee. 

Does Spriggly's have any generic "Plant-by-Number Garden Guides" for sale? 

Soon we will offer a series of generic "Plant-by-Number Garden Guides" for various size and regions. Stay tuned!  

Want to attract and support beneficial pollinators in your area? Request your Spriggly's Plant-by-Number Garden Guide here