Gardening for the Planet Course Series

Gardening for the planet masterclass

Invigorate the Environment

Gardening for the Planet offers simple steps to become stewards of the environment through a series of online courses.

Enjoy 15+ hours of engaging video content and become an expert on supporting your local ecosystems. 

Gardening for the planet masterclass

The Gardening for the Planet Course Pack includes all the courses listed below, including Spriggly's Course for Kids.

Each course is broken into easy to watch 5-20 minute videos

Purchase the entire course pack or purchase individual courses*

  • $200 for lifetime access to the entire course pack + access to any new content added
  • $20 for monthly access to the entire course pack + access to new content available during your subscription** 

*Lifetime access to individual courses range from $20-$50 per course
**Cancel your subscription at any time

With over 200 enrollments, Gardening for the Planet is becoming a Community

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Hear what our students have to say!

During summer 2021, Gardening for the Planet launched courses weekly. Eleven of the staff members at Winding Stair Farm & Nursery in Franklin, NC were among our first students to join the course. Please take a moment to listen to their thoughts in the video below.

"I loved all of it!"

"Each part had something that I did not previously know or consider and was informational."

"Confirmed my perspective on the importance of native bees in pollination along with the importance of attracting them gave me a boost of motivation to keep on with my native plant garden mission." 

"I appreciate all the details in the history and scientific research I had yet to learn about native and honey bees."

"I was so excited after taking this guys rock! Thank you for being such great educators!"

Jill Jacobs teaching in the kids course for Finding Home: A Story of a Mason Bee

*The bonus course for kids comes free with your purchase of Finding Home: A Story of a Mason Bee. Enjoy an interactive video book reading, educational lessons, movement games, a sing-a-long, and more! Receive your access code when you purchase the book.

Access the course.

If you've already purchased the book and do not have access to the course, please contact us.

You may purchase the Kid's Course without purchasing a copy of the physical book. However, when you purchase a copy of the physical book, you receive a discount code to access the Kid's Course for free OR use that discount code to take $20 off the full Gardening for the Planet Course Series, which includes the Kid's Course.

Meet Your Instructors

Spriggly's presenting at Winding Stair Farm in Franklin, NC

Brannen Basham and Jill Jacobs are the owners and operators of Spriggly's Beescaping. Citizen scientists and passionate small business owners, Brannen and Jill are excited to share their knowledge of native pollinators, native plants, conservation, and more with a wider audience. After presenting nearly 40 times over the past 5 years, Spriggly's turned their educational offerings into an online course series available on-demand to any individual at any time. 

Explore Spriggly's past presentations, informational exhibits, and published books, along with their other nature education opportunities and habitat restoration offerings.

If you are looking for an in-person presentation, or are interested in one-on-one consultation, contact us to learn more

Spriggly's presenting at Winding Stair Farm in Franklin, NC

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