Educational Services

Spriggly's offers educational workshops, talks, and exhibits, along with designing and creating a variety of take-away materials, posters, information signage, videos, and other resources.

We work with a wide variety of groups from garden clubs to science museums and have opportunities for individuals any age. 

Nature Workshop Titles and Pricing

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Pollinator Exhibits 

Educational exhibits enhance your university, school, religious or community center, arboretum, pick-your-own farm, and more! They are also perfect way for a city or town to show their appreciation and support of pollinators. Exhibits are a great addition to main streets, greenways, and scenic byways. 

Each Spriggly's Pollinator Exhibit is specifically designed for your space and includes handmade native bee houses with informational signage on the importance of pollinators. Learn more here. 

For further information, pricing* and availability, contact us here. 

*Spriggly's offers discounts to non-profit organizations

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Spriggly's creates curriculum and presentation kits that can be downloaded and used for your presenting needs. Give your very own educational talk or offer an interactive workshop to your garden club, class, summer camp, and more. 

"Not only do I love the bee cottage I bought from them, I commissioned them to prepare a presentation for me to present to a group in my hometown. The presentation included beautiful slides and a curriculum. I look forward to working with them in the future. They are great to work with!" - Spriggly's Customer, North Texas 

"Spriggly's Beescaping prepared an excellent presentation to share with two Haywood Art Camp classes this summer. Not only did the kids learn about pollinators and native bee species, but they were able to decorate and take home bee houses to help pollinators in their own backyards. Spriggly's is wonderful to work with - I couldn't recommend them more highly!" - The Haywood Arts Council

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Mason/leafcutter housing and informational signage at Love Lane Flower Farm in Waynvesille, NC