Book Suggestions

Direct Quotes

Below are some of our favorite quotes about pollinators and ways to create an environment that support these beneficial animals.

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"A healthy garden promotes a wide variety of beneficial insects."
"Remove the use of pesticides in your yard whenever possible.  When treatment is absolutely necessary, apply when the target plant is not in bloom or at night to reduce pollinator contact with wet chemicals."
"Native bees are a hidden treasure. From alpine meadows in the national forests of the Rocky Mountains to the Sonoran Desert in the Coronado National Forest in Arizona and from the boreal forests of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska to the Ocala National Forest in Florida, bees can be found anywhere in North America, where flowers bloom. From forests to farms, from cities to wildlands, there are 4,000 native bee species in the United States, from the tiny Perdita minima to large carpenter bees."  
References and Recommended Reading List
These books, scientific papers, and websites have been essential in our education in supporting and fostering pollinators. We hope that you find them to be as beneficial as pollinators themselves! 
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